Answers to 5 Questions about Overtime Rules

Barbara Weltman / October 21, 2019

If you are an employer, be sure to understand that working past 40 hours triggers overtime rules for certain employees. There’s no law—federal or state—that caps the number of hours a person can work (other than for minors). But if you are an employer, be sure to understand that working past 40 hours triggers overtime […]

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Here’s what small businesses, slammed by China tariffs, are doing to minimize the impact of the trade war

Christopher West Davis / October 8, 2019

The China tariffs have increased the cost of doing business for more than one third, or 37%, of small businesses across the U.S. In a recent survey by new survey by BizBuySell, 43% of small business owners said a 25% increase on tariffs in the U.S.–China trade war will increase their business costs. Of those, […]

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Growing into business analytics

Sean McBride & Mark Richards / September 26, 2019

There are several maturity stages within an organization’s data journey — from dipping your toes in the data sea, to leveraging advanced analytics techniques to drive innovation and market differentiation. Where are you on this journey — and where would you like to be? People intuitively use the lessons of the past to make better […]

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Employee Retention: How to Keep Your Best Employees Happy

Emily Heaslip / September 19, 2019

Studies have shown that salary isn’t the only perk that keeps employees satisfied with their jobs. The numbers don’t lie: retaining a great employee is crucial for small businesses. Employee turnover costs are estimated to be 33% of an employee’s annual salary. For example, if an employee makes $55,000 annually and leaves, it will cost […]

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Michigan’s attractiveness grows among aerospace manufacturers

Jessica Young / September 17, 2019

Michigan is the most attractive state in the Midwest for new aerospace manufacturing businesses. That’s according to a recent report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), a global consulting firm. The annual rankings report, which also raised the state from 8th nationally in 2018 to fourth in the 2019 report, cited the state’s “favorable corporate tax structure” and […]

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A New Tool Aimed At Small Business Allows For Real-Time Analytics

Brianne Garrett / September 12, 2019

A new free analytics tool introduced on Sept. 10 by the Atlanta-based lending platform Kabbage analyzes the live data of more than 200,000 companies in an effort to give small business owners a way to assess how their businesses are performing in real time. It’s daring to meet the demands of the ever-changing world of […]

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5 Helpful Business Plan Templates: Tailored for Your Company’s Succes

Shared by Michigan Chamber Small Business Center / September 5, 2019

Having a plan is crucial to your business’ success. It’s not always the most exciting part of starting your business but having a well-formulated business plan is an integral part of your company’s success. A business plan gets the visions and goals of your activity on paper and is also necessary for attracting investors.   Many […]

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Making Your Mark: How to Build Your Personal Brand

Nicole Fallon, Contributor / August 29, 2019

As an entrepreneur, you are the public face of your business. Here’s how to build a strong personal brand that shows the human side of your company. In the digital age, most entrepreneurs publicly connect their personal name and reputation to their business. A strong personal brand ties these elements together in a professional, yet […]

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5 Tips for Hiring the Right Employee

Nicole Fallon / August 22, 2019

Hiring the wrong candidate is a costly and time-consuming mistake. Here are five tips to ensure you recruit and hire the best candidates for your business. Finding the right employee can be tricky, whether it’s your first, 10th or 100th hire. It can be time-consuming to write the perfect job description, review resumes, conduct phone […]

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Yelp’s New Ad Products Can Increase Engagement “38 Percent”…And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

Gene Marks / August 5, 2019

Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them? 1 — Yelp’s new ad products can increase potential customer engagement by 38%. Yelp—one of the most prominent review sites—recently rolled out several new ad products. This roll-out gives small business owners the opportunity […]

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