Yelp’s New Ad Products Can Increase Engagement “38 Percent”…And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

Gene Marks / August 5, 2019

Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them? 1 — Yelp’s new ad products can increase potential customer engagement by 38%. Yelp—one of the most prominent review sites—recently rolled out several new ad products. This roll-out gives small business owners the opportunity […]

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The 7-Step Health Care Plan for Small-Business Owners

Mark J. Kohler - Forbes / July 31, 2019

Discover how to maximize your health-care benefits, reduce costs and get tax benefits to boot. Over the past few years, I’ve created and implemented a comprehensive health-care strategy with hundreds of clients. My strategy involves using a coordinated attack of maximizing your health-care benefits, reducing costs and getting tax benefits to boot. It consists of seven […]

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Quick Take: Your Primer on the CASE Act & Protecting Small Business

July 29, 2019

Fill me in: This week, illustrators, photographers, writers, entrepreneurs, and other small business owners in the creative industry will visit with lawmakers and administration officials in Washington, D.C. in support of a bipartisan solution for Main Street businesses to defend their intellectual property. While the American system of copyright law was designed to protect the […]

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Data protection 101: Why you need security awareness training

Raj Patel - Plante and Moran / July 18, 2019

Your organization has anti-virus software, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. Isn’t this enough to protect your vital information? The simple answer is no. Despite all the security hardware and software used in your organization, one of the most important factors in data security is human behavior. Uninformed users can jeopardize an entire system, oftentimes unintentionally, […]

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Why Michigan Could Become A Startup Powerhouse

Pete Wilkins - Forbes / July 17, 2019

Michigan’s unicorns demonstrate a fertile startup ecosystem with unlimited opportunities. A couple weeks ago, StockX became the state’s newest in a quickly-growing cohort of unicorns, which includes two other startups that also earned the elite status this year. In February, OneStream Software announced that it had not only become a unicorn but that it is […]

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